The Good Mistake (Hemsworth Brothers, #3) by Haleigh Lovell


Title: The Good Mistake
Series: Hemsworth Brothers
Author: Haleigh Lovell
Genre: Rom Com
Published: May 13th, 2019
Rating: 4 stars 


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She is a good time—trouble, but fun. And I’m here for a good time, not a long time.
So let the good times roll.

“You’re a bad idea.”  “But…” she ventured.

“But I like bad ideas.”  We don’t make mistakes, right? Just happy little accidents. At least that’s what Bob Ross said. And my dad. Yep, he says that, too. Every year, on my birthday, he reminds me I’m a ‘happy little accident’ because the condom broke.

But, hey! Wasn’t the creation of penicillin a happy accident that resulted from the discovery of mold growing in an agar dish?
And while that accidental discovery changed the course of medicine, Lucy changed the course of my life. Like a staph infection that somehow turns into an abscess that takes over your limbs, Lucy took over my heart—quickly, painfully, unexpectedly, but treatable with antibiotics.

Bold and brash and unapologetically herself, Lucy represents anarchy from women I typically dated.
She is my ‘Beautiful Oops.’
Lucy Lawless is my good mistake.

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I had a wonderful time reading the first two books on this series, The Slam and The Foreplay. I actually developed a bit of a crush on Adelaide….and yes on Ender as well 😛 

This third book is about Edric, Ender’s brother and of course I had to read it and witness his HEA. I was also very curious to know if his book was gonna be as funny as his brother’s was. I am very glad to report that it most definitely was 😛 If you haven’t read the first two books…no worries because this one can be read as a stand-alone. 

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Now as much as I laughed my ass off, there were also more serious moments in this book, so there is a bit of a balance. That said, I do believe this falls under the whole rom-com genre. 

I myself am also a big fan of the “fake relationship” trope. Edric and Lucy start out as a fake couple but it doesn’t take too long before the lines between fake an real are blurring. 

These two had some major chemistry going on which means there were also some very nice and sexy moments. 

I knew Edric would be just as awesome as Ender…so now I am in love with both brothers… and their girlfriends 😛