* Wendy’s Wycked Favorites 2018 *


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Another year has come and gone…damn… time flies when you have some good books to read 9f01372377900d9203bc4efe48eb1659ย So far, I have read 352 books in 2018 and I am sure there will be some more before the clock strikes 12 at the end of this year ! Once again, I will share my top reads of the year with you. The books in this list are books I have newly read in 2018, so no re-reads. Most were published in 2018 as well… I think only one book wasn’t ๐Ÿ˜‰

Since I read both MF and MM books, I have made 2 lists… Click the covers to open the book page on Goodreads, to add it to your TBR list fcc37b1805a49c13a3f7d3d50b64ed47

Let’s start with my favorite MM reads of 2018 !! I am not surprised by the fact that T.J. Klune’s name is on my list twice…he has a permanent spot in my top list, no matter the year it seems !! Both Ravensong and A wish upon the Stars blew me away, even though they are quite different from one another… Then again, T.J. could rewrite the phone book and I would probably love the shit out of it.

The story of Us was my most emotional read of 2018. I have read this one not too long ago and my heart still breaks whenever I think about it… Barbara Elsborg has proven once again, to be the real queen of angst forย me!! Point of Contact came in at a close second when it comes to the number of tears shed by me. Jocelynn and Rindaย gave us some awesome editions to the Ward Security series, and Sloane added another big hit to her “Protectors” series with Unbroken. Hopefully, there will be many more.

Mary Calmes‘ “Marshall”ย series came to an end…and what an end it was. Ella Frank introduced us to a new series “Confessions” and she showed us that sometimes three is better than two 5d0ea20d51184ba1bb6249faf6f342ba

My dear friend Elsbeth recommended Where Death Meets the Devil, and I was blown away by it, and by the second book,ย Why the Devil Stalks Death. Thanks again Elsย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

Charlie Cochet came with a new security/PI series and so far Mason and Lucky from Join the Club are my favorite couple, but there is plenty still to come, so who knows !!ย 

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40032551ย 37664461 Where Death Meets the Devil (Death and the Devil, #1) Join the Club (Four Kings Security, #3)


Now for myย MF listSuzanne Wrightย has blessed me with 3 awesome books this year !! I hope she will keep em coming in 2019.ย Tillie Coleย managed to make me cry on 2 occasions. I know I can always count on Aly Martinez to blow me away and she did so, with The Truth About Lies. I absolutely loved Pam Godwin’s Trails of Sin series…I would love to save a horse and ride a cowboy ๐Ÿ˜‰ Bane kicked Vicious of his spot, though Ruckus will always be my nr 1 ๐Ÿ˜‰ C.M. Owens really made me laugh my ass off with Becoming A Vincent.ย 

My most shocking read, however, was Shade by Jamie Begley. After really dislikingย Razor, I never suspected I would love another book in the “Last Riders” series, but Shade really blew me away. So much so that I have read it 3 times this year already. It evenย encouraged me to read every single book in the series and the spin-offs. It is the only book on my list that wasn’t released in 2018, but I just couldn’t leave it out…

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3877082237975248Pretty Venom by Ella Fields41432160

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I hope I have given you some awesome inspiration for next year. I also want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and an incredible 2019 filled with lots of amazing books ๐Ÿ˜‰

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xoxoxo Wendy ๐Ÿ˜‰


** Books that made my eyes leak **

I love Angst in a book…I love it when a book can make me feel everything. Anger, frustration, happiness, sadness,ย arousal…it’s all welcome. Tears don’t come easy for me though…and not everything sad that happens in a book… will make me cry. I am a tough nut to crack…

What I love most, is when a book manages to make me cry, but I still finish the story with a big smile on my face…

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Here are some books that made my tear ducts work overtime… but also gave me an awesome HEA… (I just NEED my HEA !!)

Click the cover and it will take you to Goodreads so you can add it to your TBR

First… let’s start with the MM books that made me cry like a little bitch…


The Story of Us
Barbara Elsborgย 


Finding Hope
Sloane Kennedy


Point of Contact
Melanie Hansen


Nicole Haken


Chase in Shadow
Amy Laneย 


Cambria Hebert


Beneath The Stain
Amy Lane


Empty Net
Avon Gale

MF books that made me cry like a little baby…


Rock Chick Regret
Kristen Ashley


A Wish For Us
Tillie Cole


Res. Temptation
K.C. Lynn

Shade (The Last Riders, #6)

Jamie Begley


Heart Recaptured
Tillie Cole


Loved me..Weakest
Evie Harper


More than Forever
Jay McLean
Crav. Resurrection
Nicole Jacquelyn

***Dirty Talking Hotties***

Let’s talk about one of my favorite qualities in a (book) hero… Dirty Talk ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I am a big fan of a man who knows how to express himself 5d0ea20d51184ba1bb6249faf6f342ba

So I have decided to make a new list. A list of my “All-Time Favorite Dirty Talkers”. I have highlighted 6 dirty talkers for both MF and MM books. I will also post some nice quotes from the book so you can all get in the mood a bit 9f01372377900d9203bc4efe48eb1659 !! Continue reading

Tis the season….and all that shit ;)

Yep…it’s that time of the year again…Christmas is almost upon us.

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Now I will just come out andย confess (and save you the hassle of looking) that you won’t find a single Christmas Story review on this blog !! Sorry, not sorry https://www.google.com/search?q=emoticons

I just can’t do it people. It’s not that I dislike Christmas. I just don’t like the (sticky sweet) stories…and most of the music (if I gotta hear what Mariah wants for Christmas one more time, I might hang myself)…and the shopping… and the stress… and the obligations…and the “dressing up“.

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Huh…so there might be some dislike …

I like all the little lights though…and the tree I got Although I wonder how long I will get to enjoy mine with 2 cats and 3 dogs around !!

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I also very much enjoy getting presents, so there is that.ย 

Last year I did read some Christmassy stories because they were from certain series or authors, and Iย  just didn’t want to miss out. This year I am totally skipping though, going completely without. You wouldn’t believe how much time this leaves me …time I fill with re-reading my top favorites !! Something I really need, if I want to make it through the holidays. Because I had a brainfart of sorts and volunteered to have Christmas dinnerย for the fam (mine and in-laws) at my house !!!

Now I have to cancel all the original plans I made with myself…

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and socializeย  https://www.google.com/search?q=emoticons

Let’s just hope there will be plenty of awesome goodies for me under the tree…and with awesome goodies I mean BOOKS. Iยดve been a very good girl this year if I say so myself. I deserve some awesome paperbacks under the tree, so I can sneak into the bathroom and hide poop.ย 

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I wish you all a very Merry season !! Enjoy Christmas and enjoy each other and don’t forget to read lots of awesome books ๐Ÿ˜‰ Books are friends people !!!


*Coming out day* 11 oktober 2018!!!

Lets all raise that rainbow flag, because it is “coming out day” today !! I just want to show my pride, towards everyone within the LGBTQ community !!ย 


Book-Slump Hell

I wanna talk about a nasty phenomenon every reading addict is familiar with… The dreaded BOOKSLUMP. One second you are finishing the most wonderful story ever and the NEXT…there is NOTHING worthy out there, to keep you entertained.ย Everything sucks donkeyballs, and even your favorite authors can’t seem to pull you out of the pit of despair !!

For me this has been a real bookslump year so far. And it seems I am not alone. My friends have been complaining and Goodreads is full of messages of people asking for help with their many slumps…


I have never been in so slumped as I have this year. Even my most favorite re-reads don’t hold an appeal anymore. I have done so many of them already, I can can dream those books word for word. Re-reading them wouldn’t even be the right wording… It would be more like “reciting” them !!!
After finding no real solution myself, I have been keeping my eye out on Goodreads…listened to my friends suggestions and even trolled the internet a bit to find my “much-needed help“.
These are the tips I came across, and I would like to share them with you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Read a different kind of genre for a change. It will make your regular genre more appealing to you. So when you are an avid romance reader…go read some horror and thrillers..they might send you screaming back to your romance books, and all will be sunshine and rainbows again…
  • For the MM readers under us, go back and read some MF books. Don’t be afraid of those pussies… You can do this !!!ย I already switch them up regularly, so not much help for me.

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  • Another tip…watch some more tv, do some Netflix and Chill ๐Ÿ˜› Get hooked on some series, and get sucked in for a few seasons !! If you don’t like tv, do some gaming. It doesn’t matter how or where. You can beat people up on “Mortal Combat” or solve puzzles on some “Seek and Find” game. Play some “Solitaire” if you are a real “loner” . If you are a people person and you have some awesome neighbours, round them up to play some “TAG” or “Twister“.ย  The sky is the limit people !!!

I am sure one of these suggestions here will be your “unicorn” and you will be back to your beloved books in no time !!

Now if you will excuse me….Diner Dash is waiting for me on my laptop and I have to do some stretching before I start ๐Ÿ˜›

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Sloane Kennedy’s Series

It is no secret that I am a bigย HUGE Sloane Kennedy Fan !! But since she has so many books out in so many different series…and they all seems to cross-over, things can get pretty confusing.ย 

So I have decided to post Sloane’s Recommended Reading-Order Lists….

There are 2 of them…..ย 

One according to timeline ….


And another if you want to start with “The Protectors Series” …


Below you will also find her Chart of Characters, so you can find who’s who and how they are all connected ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 


I hope this helps and I hope you’ll enjoy Sloane’s books as much as I do !!!

My favorite Reads of 2017…a recap ;)

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I have read 429 books in 2017. They were a mix of MM and MF books and I just wanted to post my top 10/15 favorites for both genres ๐Ÿ˜‰

This isn’t a review…just a recap for myself and others, to see who really rocked my both in 2017 ๐Ÿ˜›

For the MF category…I have chosen the 10 favorites below…

FOTO BEWERKEN - makkelijk online je foto's bewerken of aanpassen

Those are the ones that really stood out for me.ย I especially lovedย “Logan”ย by Jay McLean, which had me sobbing like a little baby. Theย “Grip”ย series by Kennedy Ryan changed my life !! Absolutely heartbreaking and wonderful.

I have waited a long time for the release ofย Give me Hellย by Kate McCarthy, but this book was definitely worth the wait !!

Nashoda Rose always knows how to blow me away andย Kept from youย was no exception ๐Ÿ˜‰

As for my MM favorites, I have chosen the following 15 books ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

FOTO BEWERKEN - makkelijk online je foto's bewerken of aanpassen

There were so many great MM books published in 2017…..it was very very hard to pick my favorites.

I was blown away byย Shelter the Sea. I just love Jeremey and Emmet so much !! I hope we will hear from them again soon.

TJ Kluneย used a lot of his magic this year, I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next !!

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Sloane Kennedy made me cry my eyes out withย Finding hope. So far this is my favorite out of all of her books, which is saying something because there are many. What’s also susprising, is that it’s an MMM book. I have never been a huge fan of menages, but Sloane really changed my mind on those ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hailey Turner introduced me to Sci Fi and actually got me to love it !!

Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott made me fall in love withย Hollis Bannerย โค !!!! So of courseย Devourย is on my list. This book gets extra credit from me, because Hollis really is my favorite character of 2017 !! Damn how I love that man !!!

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Krista and Becca showed me again, why they are my favorite authors, by not only writing awesome MF books, but MM ones as well !! I love theย “Like Usย series.

So as you can see….plenty of awesome books to pick from… and if you haven’t read these yet, I highly recommend them !!!

I hope 2018 will give me just a many awesome books…. I have read plenty of books already and some of them will surely make my 2018 list !!