Wendys Wycked Favorites of 2019


Wow, I can’t believe we are at the end of the year again. The older I get the faster the years seem to be moving by.

I have read almost reached my goal of reading 350 books and I am sure there will be some more on top of those, before the clock strikes 12 at the end of this year. This number also includes some awesome re-reads, but I won’t be adding those to my “favorites of the year” list. 

My list of favorites only has books published in 2019, and since I read both MM and MF, I have again made two of them. You can click the covers to open the book page of said book on Goodreads, to add them to your (ever-growing) TBR list fcc37b1805a49c13a3f7d3d50b64ed47

It has been another year filled with lots and lots of books, though I have to say, 2019 has been my hardest “book year” so far. I really struggled with finding the right books for me. I was also a tad bit disappointed with the number of books that have been released this year. This is why my favorites lists are a bit shorter than the previous years…


Especially on the MM front, I was left a bit wanting. Thankfully there were still some awesome reads, and two of my all-time favorites in the MM genre were written by one of my favorite authors, Lily Morton. She gave my Gideon an awesome HEA and she really surprised me with an amazingly written ghost story. It had me on the edge of my seat and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us for 2020.

Of course, T.J. Klune blew me away once again, but that’s really no big surprise since he seems to have a standard spot on my favorites lists. 

Lisa Henry blessed us with the third book in the “Dark Space” series and I finally got some closure on Brady and Cam!! It was a long wait but it was damn well worth it. And Eden Finley gave the final couple in the “Fake Boyfriend” series their HEA.

Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott added some awesome books to my favorite series and I really hope they will keep the writing game up in 2020. The same goes for Charlie Cochet who released King’s story and in doing so made me a very happy girl. 

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Now my MF list is a bit longer than my MM list this year, but not by much, though I have read many more MF books this year. 

Jay McLean wrote a duet that literally kicked my ass and I am still recovering 9f01372377900d9203bc4efe48eb1659. I discovered L.A. Cotton and the wonderful things she does in the YA genre, she has got me hooked.

Tijan blew me away with two YA/NA stories, but being a real Tijan fangirl, I am not surprised 😉 Aly Martinez also wrote a Duet and I am still drying my tears. 

Suzanne Wright is one of my absolute favorite MF authors and she blessed me with multiple awesome books this year… please keep em coming!

Penelope Douglas finally gave us Damon’s story and now we are all salivating over Will’s. Krista and Becca gave Jane her “knight in shining armor” and Pam Godwin gave Tula “two knights”, who also did some sword fighting among themselves 9f01372377900d9203bc4efe48eb1659

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There were plenty more awesome books of course in the past year, but these are the ones that really stood out for me. Maybe they can do the same for you, if they haven’t already, and maybe you like something completely different. It doesn’t matter because there are plenty of books to go around… thankfully. 

I hope you all had a very great year but I really hope the next one will be even greater you!!

https://www.google.com/search?q=happy hollidays books gif

Happy Holidays and an awesome 2020 my friends!!!

xoxoxo Wendy 😉


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