In Safe Hands by Victoria Sue


Title: In Safe Hnds
Author: Victoria Sue
Genre: Gay Romance
Release date: March 19th, 2019
Page Count: 210 pages
Rating: 4 stars 


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Former helicopter pilot Maverick Delgardo’s injuries ended his Air Force career, leaving him bitter and one drink away from becoming an alcoholic. When his sister asks for his help on a private protection case to babysit a disgraced pop star, Mav reluctantly agrees.

Deacon Daniels, onetime lead singer and idol to his teenage fans, saw his career and reputation ruined when a reporter’s exposé led to a devastating scandal. Without money or a job, a heartbroken Deacon has lost custody of his baby niece. And just when he thinks his life can’t get any worse, a stalker’s threatening messages escalate to murder.

Mav only agreed to one meeting, but his protective instincts kick in, along with an attraction to Deacon. When the body count increases, however, Mav is unsure he is up to the task of protecting Deacon from a killer. But it is too late for Mav to step away, now that he’s lost his heart, and he must find the strength to reassure Deacon and his niece that they are in safe hands no matter the cost.

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I love Victoria Sue’s books and all the worlds she has created so far. It’s a bit like magic 😉  So naturally, I jumped on the chance to read this one. The blurb also sounded like it was right up my alley and thankfully I was right (which shouldn’t be a shock).

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Now before I start my review, I would like to give some credit to Jay Aheer for the awesome cover !! Freaking beautiful, if I say so myself. 

Maverick Delgardo is a soldier brought down by the injuries he sustained in his last fight. He is left with nothing but self pity and a stiff drink… 

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Deacon, a famous rockstar, has his own demons to battle… and on top of everything else, a stalker turned murderer, to deal with. 

When Mav is being asked by his sister, to protect said rockstar, he is pretty reluctant at first. His reluctance doesn’t stand a chance when he comes face to face with Deacon though. We are talking instant chemistry !!

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I am a big fan of mystery/suspense in my romance novels and this book certainly delivered. My favorite part, however, is that we get the stalker/murderers pov. I love it when you get the chance to be inside the “villain’s” head. I can’t say much more than this without spoilering the story. 

If you are like me, and you love a bit of mystery/action in your romance then, you should definitely give this one a try. It was sweet, hot, mysterious and romantic…what more does a person need ?? 😉 This story is a complete stand-alone, so you can jump right in it !!

Highly recommended !!


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Risky Play, by Rachel Van Dyken (Red Card #1)


Even one-night stands deserve a second chance in New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken’s novel of sporting desire.

Risky Play, an all-new standalone contemporary romance by New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken is live!


Title: Risky Play
Series: Red Card #1
Author: Rachel van Dyken
Genre: Romance
Release date: March 19th, 2019
Page Count: 288 pages
Rating: 4 stars 4

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What else can a virgin do when she’s ditched at the altar? Seattle heiress Mackenzie Dupont is treating herself to a single-girl honeymoon in Mexico and a desire to relinquish her innocence to a gorgeous one-night stand. Fake names. True pleasure. But when she wakes up alone, Mackenzie realizes just how much anger is left in her broken heart.

Suffering a tragic personal loss, pro soccer player Slade Rodriguez has his reasons for vanishing without a goodbye. Right or wrong, he’s blaming the beautiful and infuriating stranger he never wants to see again. They’re both in for a shock when Mackenzie shows up as his new personal assistant. And they both have a lot to learn about each other. Because they share more than they could possibly know, including a common enemy who’s playing his own games. And he’s not afraid to get dirty.

Now there’s only one way Mackenzie and Slade can win: to trust in each other and to stop hiding from the lies they’ve told, the secrets they’ve kept, the mistakes they’ve made, and the attraction that still burns between them.

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I’m gonna be honest here and say that I am a bit over the whole “virgin” trope. If I never have to read about another virgin again…that would be fine by me. That said, I am a fan of Rachel van Dyken’s work and so I really don’t want to miss out on the books she writes, so I figured I just had to trust her and give this one a go 😉

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And I am so glad I did because Mack was pretty awesome !!

MacKenzie is the 30-year-old heiress of a wine empire. She is a sommelier (wine taster) at her father’s company. She has also just been left at the altar…by her best friend Alton. The friend she grew up with, the one who was always by her side and who was supposed to run this wine-empire with her in the future…

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She tries to resume her life but having to look at her ex-fiancee…(who already showing off his new girlfriend) is just a bit too much. So she decides to go on the honeymoon she bought for the two of them alone… She could use a bit of a time-out…an adventure 😉 She wasn’t prepared for an engine malfunction though… And while the airplane’s engine has exploded, so does Mack’s heart when she kisses the handsome man sitting next to her…

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Slade Rodriguez is a pretty famous soccer player looking for his own time out. Life has thrown him a few curve balls, and he needed to get away from it all. He wasn’t expecting the beauty sitting next to him…kissing him…while the airplane rocks it’s way down…

Being in the same resort, and on the same floor even, they decide to take their chemistry a step further. 

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But tragedy strikes a few hours later and when Mack wakes up…there is no sign anywhere from Slade… 

Having no place to go, she decides to go and work for her aunt for a couple of months, so she won’t be confronted with her jerkface ex again… since her father refuses to fire him. She didn’t expect to come face to face with a different kind of jerk though..

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I absolutely loved this book. The back and forth banter was amazing and I laughed my ass off !! Mack was no weak and wilting heroine by any means. She was so strong and sweet and funny. I am glad I put my prejudice about the whole “virgin” thing aside. 

It took me a bit longer to warm up to Slade, but he worked hard for it so I have to give him my stamp of approval as well 😉 

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The side characters were pretty awesome, and I really fell head over heels in love with Matt… He’s definitely my kind of guy and I hope he will get his own story soon.

That’s not to say I won’t be looking forward to Jagger’s book, because he was great as well… Can’t love em all the same though 😛 

I highly recommend this series !!


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